Board Members




Ken Cassell,


Kim Frazier,
Board Secretary &
Community Outreach

Kim Frazier has lived in Knoxville, TN since her marriage to Dr. Russ Frazier in 1996.  Kim graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Business Administration as a recipient of the Madison County, AL Junior Miss Scholarship.  As the Executive Director of Hallmark Rehabilitation, Kim worked with TennCare to enable elementary school age children to receive PT, OT and Speech services while at school as a part of their insurance coverage benefits.   Kim enjoyed developing Human Resources practices for Bandit Lites, Inc. where she was recognized for her performance.  Kim has served on many diverse board of directors, acted as committee chair and led the start up efforts for local non-profits.  She has volunteered as an HR Consultant for Knoxville Leadership and has founded two community groups, Hardin Valley Supports a Middle School and Hardin Valley Planning Advocates.  She is a passionate public servant and a devoted mother of two boys.  Kim joined our board to assist with fundraising, board development, strategic planning and community outreach in 2013.

Michelle Anningson


Bob Colloredo


Denise Douglass

Denise Douglas moved to Knoxville, TN from Georgetown, Kentucky 20 years ago. She spent 25 years working for Fortune 100 companies including American Express and Verizon Enterprise Services.  In 2014 she opened The UPS Store in Hardin Valley and today represents The Creel Group @ Keller Williams Realty. She is married into a long line of VFL’s and has 3 sons ages 26, 23 and 12. She sits on the board of East Tennessee Technology Access Center, The AD Foundation, past president of Susannah’s House, chairperson for Gals and Glamour for Second Harvest and joined the board of KVERS February of 2017.


R.E. Foust


Walter Idol


Wade Sexton


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